Thursday, April 23, 2009

Boo Boos

It has been a crazy couple of days. Last week Hubby had been on vacation so it was fantastic!! I got to rest, the boys got extra attention, we went on fun day trips, etc. So Monday morning when I went in to get the boys out of bed, they asked where Daddy was. I told them he was at work and and Cenzo said, "Oh, you're here Mama?" It wasn't exactly a cheerful pronouncement.

So it's been an adjustment going back to our routine to say the least. Yesterday the boys were so bored by me that they even requested to go downstairs to the playroom alone. I can never talk them into staying in the playroom while I try to clean, but yesterday they demanded it. So I was quickly racing around trying to get the kitchen cleaned. After about 10 minutes I went to check on them and Cenzo assured me, "We not fighting Mama." And Luccio looked content.

No sooner do I walk back upstairs and Luccio starts crying. Now Luccio is always crying or yelling about something, usually because his brother took a toy or looked at him the wrong way. For the slightest infractions Luccio screams with the drama of a full blown crisis. So when I heard him crying I didn't really bat an eye. I just yelled down to ask if everyone was ok. I heard him saying, "Boo boo, I got boo boo." I was heading back toward the stairs still unsure if there was really a reason for him to be crying and Cenzo yells to me "Luccio needs kisses he got a boo boo, you better get down here right now!" Oh my God, my heart raced and I ran down the stairs and there was Luccio with a real boo boo. He had caught two of his fingers in the closet door and they were cut!! Blood and everything. I cleaned him up and gave him kisses. And the rest of the day we talked about the boo boo. I cannot tell you the guilt I felt. the boy had cried wolf so many times I really hadn't thought he was crying about more than a toy or something. I felt sick the rest of the day about it. Luckily this morning when he got up he tried to show me his boo boo and gave me the wrong hand, I took that as a sign that he felt better!!

This morning got off to another bad start. I woke up with a vicious bout of morning sickness. And in the midst of it, Cenzo was slamming the door of our entertainment center and cut his head on the corner of it!! It was bleeding so much. I cleaned and iced it and called the doc. He cried for a bit, but then settled down and let me check it out. It wasn't a very long cut, but it looked deep. The doc's office didn't have an opening for 2 hours! So I got everyone cleaned and dressed and then went to try to shower and dress myself. The morning sickeness got the best of me and I couldn't stop vomiting. I was tyring to hurry and I was so stressed. Finally I loaded the boys into the car and dropped Luccio off at my aunt;' house. I picked up Stregga to come with us to the doc.

Cenzo was so brave and didn't even cry as the doctor cleaned up the cut which was still bleeding 2 hours later. The doc said it wasn't as deep as he thought after it was cleaned so luckily it didn't need stitches. Instead he glued it! Cenzo held still and put on his bravest face. I was so proud of him.

Thankfully both boo boos were minor and I know being a mom of boys (or a mom in general) I have to get used to this, but it is their first injuries and it's heartbreaking for me. I feel enormous guilt!!! Mama guilt, ugh! It's the worst. I was so stressed today I felt like my head was going to explode. Luckily neither boy noticed and thankfully proceeded to take 3 hour naps. Once I rested I was like a new person!! And the boys had fun telling Hubby their battle stories of bravery when he got home!!


  1. I'm stressed just reading about this! Boys! Getting hurt!? Ugh. I'm scared... ;-)

  2. They do take the boo boos and run with them though don't they? The fake boo boo's drive me bonkers. I am like you. I am afraid I am gonna dis-miss the real one. LOL! Your boys sound like a hilarious duo!