Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spot Check

I am 10 weeks pregnant today! But, I am still falling into "spot check mode."  Those of you who have ever experienced a miscarriage can probably relate to this.  Spot checking means that every time you go to the bathroom (which can be about a trillion times a day in the first trimester) you are checking for signs of spotting or blood.  I have had two early miscarriages between the 6-8th weeks.  And even in my pregnancy with the boys I had variations from spotting to full on gushes (sorry TMI)  There were even  2 occasions with the boys where I ended up in the emergency room for bleeding convinced I was miscarrying, once at 14 weeks and once at 18.  The doc explained each time that it wasn't threatening the pregnancy and that some people are "bleeders." Ughhhh.

So this time I was sure it would be similar and I have been waiting and checking constantly. My OB laughed when I mentioned it to him and said that "normal" pregnancies don't include bleeding, so it's good that I haven't found anything yet and that I am having a "boring, uneventful pregnancy" and he hopes it continues. Me too!!!

Still I can't help the instinct to spot check.  Last week I was walking around and I  felt a gush and I ran into the bathroom.  And thankfully I had just peed my pants.  So I knocked on wood (good thing we went for the wooden toilet seat) and made the sign of the cross and thanked God it wasn't blood.

And then, I thought...Wait!  Really?? Am I thankful that I just peed my pants??


  1. I'm glad to hear you're just peeing your pants! ;-)

  2. LOL, I'm glad you peed your pants. :) Seems like a funny thing to be happy for you about.

    I remember all too well the constant "spot checking". It's a stressful, worrisome but exciting time. Glad your spot checks have all been clear!

  3. OMG. I almost peed my pants laughing so hard about your being happy you peed your pants! Too funny. So happy you are at 10 weeks!