Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mama's Day Out

I met up with my good friend Ms. Meeghan yesterday in Brattleboro, VT. Meeghan and I were roommates when we graduated college and worked for a volunteer corp. together. We worked as teachers in a school for economically and emotionally challenge children, hence the nicknames Miss Carrie and Miss Meeghan, it kind of stuck! We have stayed close over the years even though we live in different states. Brattelboro is the halfway point between us so we decided it would be a great place to meet up.

We shopped and ate and talked and talked and talked the day away. We are both pregnant and due 2 weeks apart. It is the third child for each of us. It was so much fun to compare notes and discuss ideas. And we bought a few baby things a the Carter's outlet!!

It was so nice to have time to catch up on everything happening in our lives. We brought ultrasound pictures, pics of the kids, books, all kinds of fun things to share!!

Brattleboro is a beautiful town. Great stores and restaurants. We even found a state park to hang out at and have a picnic.

At the end of the day it was sad to say goodbye. But, the day was great and so worth the drive!!
And the best part was Ms. Meeghan and her hubby, Mr TJ have asked Hubby and I to be their baby's Godparents!!! We are so honored!!!! It is always exciting to be a special part of a new life!!!

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