Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Festivities

This Easter weekend was a wonderful time to spend with the boys.  They were the perfect age to enjoy the festivities and begin to understand traditions.

We spent Good Friday at a local Shrine (outdoor church) and walked the Stations of the Cross with friends.  It was a beautiful day and the boys were able to keep up with trekking through the woods for over an hour walk without their stroller, a major milestone!  That afternoon we went to Zhaz's house (my aunt and Vincenzo's godmother) for Easter Egg coloring with the cousins.  It was so much fun!! I didn't realize the dye would not be washable like the paints we use at home so the boys left with their hands looking as green as The Hulk!

On Easter Sunday we started the day off at Stregga and Pap's house. WE had a yummy brunch with french toast casserole and egg casserole and potatoes and all kinds of delicious foods!! Then we tried to have an outdoor egg hunt, but it was freezing!! So we hurried to find a few eggs and then ran indoors, the eggs are still in Stregga's yard, we will get there eventually to finish the hunt, LOL!!

We ended our Easter celebrations at Gandma and Papa's house.  We had a nice dinner and an indoor egg hunt! The boys really enjoyed playing with their cousins!

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