Sunday, April 26, 2009

MAJOR Meltdown

This morning I woke up all excited that I finally reached 11 weeks!! WOO HOO!! I felt good. I am just about at a safe point and the pregnancy is going good so I felt like I could take a deep breath and relax. Hubby had taken the boys for a walk so I had the morning to myself I was going to have my cup of tea and organize the boys' summer clothes. First I headed to the bathroom. And I nearly passed out when I saw blood. It was very light spotting, but it was there. I panicked. I called my doctor. I left a message with the on call service. I called a good friend of mine and I was nearly hyperventilating. Finally, the doc called me back. She said it sounded like it was probably nothing but that I could be seen through the ER and have an ultrasound to confirm that everything was ok. I was so hysterical that I was just off the wall. So I decided to wait until Hubby got home and then we brought the boys to my parent's house and headed for ER. We thought it would be best to get everything checked out.

Needless to say everyone was at the ER and I wasn't exactly top priority. So we waited for 3 hours and then luckily a doctor stumbled into my room by accident and I begged her to just get someone to ultrasound me. Another doc appeared with a portable ultrasound and confirmed that the baby is alive and well. The Bean even looks like a real baby. Arms and legs were moving and the Bean was turning and flipping around. It was very exciting and reassuring.
Then the doc did an internal exam and nearly gave me a heart attack when she said it seemed like my cervix was opened a bit. She called one of my docs who came in and said that ER docs always think everyone's cervix is opened a bit and she really reassured us that everything is probably fine. She said there is over a 90% chance that things will be ok. And if not it's too early to do anything about it anyway. So, we left with hope that the baby is great and the pregnancy will be fine. But, we also were given orders to call if anything changes or worsens and then I will go in to my docs office for re-evaluation.

All in all the 4 plus hours in the ER was worth it for the portraits of The Bean!!! And I am back to praying for a blood free pregnancy!


  1. I will be praying for you too!!!

  2. I am glad you got new pictures of The Bean and that all is well! That is not a fun scare to have! I will be praying for you as well!