Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zoo Day

Hubby was on vacation this week so we spent most of the time running errands and going to doctor appointments and filing our taxes, fun stuff! But, things needed to get done so it was good that we had the extra time and I had the extra hands helping me with the boys.  But, yesterday we finally decided to get out and do something fun.  So we took the boys to a local zoo.

The weather was fantastic, so sunny and warm, spring finally arrived!!!! And everyone had the same idea as we did so the parking lot was packed and the line was so long!! Bu, it was worth the wait to get into the zoo and see the boys 's faces light up when they saw the animals!! Thy loved the wolves, the peacocks and the bear.  But, their favorites were the ducks.  We sat by the duck pond for a long time and they were laughing and calling to the duck and just got  such a kick out of watching them splash around.  Hubby and I laughed because we could have gone to the park for free and watched the ducks play, but well...its the experience of going to the zoo that counts, right??

They loved the ice cream break and the visit to the gift shop too, it was like a real vacation packed into a couple hours!


  1. Zoos are always such a great place to take the kids. It is nice now how zoos are really doing their part to become more sustainable places. They can be costly but the kids love seeing the animals and just the general fun the zoo offers.

    Editorial Assistant at Kiwi Magazine

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