Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sugar Stress

This has been a crazy and somewhat crappy week! I went in last Wednesday for an ultrasound and cervix check. My doc said if all was stable I wouldn't have to come every week, I could go back to coming in twice a month. I was excited to hear that my cervix length was still good and that it would be my last check!! WOO HOO!!!!! I have been going weekly since May so this was good news. BUT, when they did a growth scan of the baby, her head and belly were measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule. AND I have too much amniotic fluid. The normal range is 10-20 and my level was 23. So, it could be the reason why my belly was measuring so big at my last appointment. One of the docs came in and explained that I would have to go for the glucose test because I most likely have gestational diabetes and she said I had to start Non-Stress Tests (NSTs.) So the bottom line is: I have to go twice a week for the NSTs and I FAILED the 3 hour glucose test which means I do have Gestational Diabetes (GD)

I had GD with the boys too, but I was inpatient. That meant a nurse checked my blood sugar levels and a cafeteria employee brought my meals and snack. Essentially my only job was to eat on time. Now, I am in for a whole new experience. Don't get me wrong, I am eternally grateful that I am having a beautiful pregnancy this far and that I am getting to enjoy it at home with my family and friends. And I do not want to be hospitalized.

However, I am overwhelmed to say the least. I went to a training class today with a dietitian. She gave me the glucose monitor and showed me how to use it and told me what to eat and when. She was a fantastic woman who fit me in for an appointment at the last minute and worked with me for free because her office didn't take my insurance!!! I left there with a plan.

Then I got home... it didn't go so well. I was ok at snack. But, dinner was stressful because I was trying to read all the notes and figure out what to eat and how much. The boys were chatting away and needed my attention even though Hubby was standing right there.

Then it was time to check my glucose level with the monitor. I thought I was all set, but for some reason I couldn't get the "lancer" to draw blood from my finger. There are only 6 needles in each cartridge and I have 2 cartridges. Well, I ended up using all 6 needles trying to get enough blood and it kept saying error not enough blood, ughhhh!! SO I fumbled through the directions for how to change the cartridge all the while crying like a loon because I was stressed that I was well past the time limit that I was supposed to follow and I had used a good amount of my supplies!!
Hubby tried to be helpful but staring at me and asking me questions while I fumbled and freaked out wasn't really the best idea so he finally left me to my own stress fit and retreated to his office.

Luckily the directions were step by step sort of like "Glucose Monitors for Dummies," so I figured it out and eventually squeezed enough blood out of my finger after 7 attempts!!

After that episode, I called my good friend who also had gestational diabetes in all 3 of her pregnancies and she offered lots of wisdom and advice and calmed me down.

So now I have a diet plan, a monitor and a calm attitude, ahhhhh! I CAN do this!! I WILL do this!! And I have great motivation, I need my Bean to be healthy!!

I jsut hope tomorrow goes better!


  1. I hope your day is better tomorrow too! :-(

  2. Relax a bit. you'll figure it all out. Just think dad figured it out so how hard could it be LOL

    I can never stick those stupid finger prickers either.
    You'll do it your brave!!

  3. Wow! That sounded rough! I'm glad at the end you felt calmer and more sure of what to do. I never had GD so I don't know how to offer any advice but I want to say take care of yourself!!!!!!

    I hope things continue to go easier from this point on. Hang in there.