Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quality Time

Now that Grandma and Papa are retired they have been able to spend more one on one time with the boys, which is fantastic!! They boys love getting to visit and have fun on their adventures.
And there are always funny stories that I look forward to hearing!

Last week both boys went to Grandma and Papa's house for the day while Hubby and I prepped for our tag Sale. Luckily they are gracious hosts even when Hubby delivers the boys at 8am and leaves them until we arrive in time for dinner around 5!! So the boys had a full day of activities which included: breakfast, getting dressed and then taking a Nature Walk. They were thrilled to collect pine cones and spent a long time investigating the sounds they heard coming from a woodpecker!

Luccios famous saying is "What's dat noise??" He uses the most urgent voice and you can't help laughing and endlessly repeating his quote (or at least we can't help it)

After the Nature Walk they went back to the house and had Pool Time, which is actually a cement mixing basin filled with water for them to play in. Its the perfect size tub to fit on Grandma's back deck and the boys had no problem squishing themselves into it together!!

They also colored, ate lunch, napped and then played until we arrived to have dinner.

Grandma and Papa reported that the visit went well with only a few minor adjustments needing to be made here and there.

On the way home when I asked how the visit went, Cenzo said "Well, I had to yell at Papa, he said no to me!"

Which is an interesting perspective on the story that we heard from Papa that Cenzo was not listening when it was time to eat lunch and was throwing a fit!!

Luckily, despite his yelling at Papa, Cenzo got invited back this week for a solo sleepover!! Grandma and Papa picked him up on Friday afternoon and kept him overnight. He did really well and slept all night!! YEAH!!!

I was happy that when I spoke to Grandma the next morning she was still having a good time with Cenzo and even referred to him as a "Gem!" A good sign I thought, LOL!!

Grandma shared a funny story...
She wanted to know if Cenzo had ever seen anyone wearing a nightgown before because she said when she walked downstairs in her pajamas, he asked her "is that your ballet costume?" LOL!!


  1. LOL... me thinks Grandma has some fancy nightgowns! Your boys are so funny. As for "What's dat noise?" We all seem to pick up one of our kids funny lines and keep them forever... my oldest is now 12 and used to say "That's bi-sgusting!" instead of disgusting.... we still use that one today! :)

  2. Nancy- you alwyas have me cracking up!! I lvoe the "bi-sgusting!" As for Grandma's jammies, I don't know how fancy they are, I think my poor boys are just used to their Mama wearing shabby old t-shirts and shorts or sweats, LOL!!!!