Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Milestones and Madness

I wish I could stop time and freeze summer. Around here we have really enjoyed the days of hanging out and having no schedule and spending our time at the park or beach or home. But, it is quickly coming to an end and I feel like I am all of a sudden on the express train and my stop is approaching before I am ready!!!

Hubby has been home since July, but school starts back up Monday, ughhhhhhh! I wish we could hit the lottery and he could stay home forever. Or that we could hire a housekeeper, chef and a Nanny and I could still be a SAHM. Now that would be cool!! LOLL

Back to reality... so August has been spent cramming in doctor appointments for all of us. Luccio has been to the Eye Doc, the Lung Doc, the Ear Doc and even had a new set of tubes put in last Friday. My Little Bear is a trooper. He did fantastic with his surgery!! It was much harder now that he is older because he knew what was going on and it broke my heart. After the surgery he went to Recovery and when he saw the doctor he said, "You hurt me!! Don;t hurt me!" I felt so bad for my little guy! He say on my lap and buried his head under his favorite quilt. But, once we got home he was ok. He ate a bit snack and watched a little TV and then he napped for 5 hours! He woke up like a new kid! And he hasn't mentioned his ears since.

I have been running back and forth to the hospital where all of my OB appointments and NSTs are scheduled. Its about a 30 min drive so it takes up a bit of the day when I have mroe than one appointment like I did today. But, the good news is my Gestational Diabetes has been nicely controlled on my new diet so my doctor told me today that I can cut back and only have to test my sugars 3 times a week!! Yeah!! And my belly measurements were better, I am only measuring 3 weeks ahead now. The NSTs are great, I get to listen to the Bean move all over and hear her heartbeat and she had been "reactive" every time!! they checked the amniotic fluid today and it has stabilized, so hopefully its going to stay that way. 8 1/2 weeks to go!!!!!!

And after 2 hours at OB appts., Hubby and I went to the Dentist!!!

Our summer projects are wrapping up. Hubby finished painting the Bean's room and building the crib and 2 dressers and with help from his dad, the chandelier is up!!! I will post pics soon. We are getting a new window so I want to wait until its done so you an see it all as I imagine it should look, LOL!!

The boys turn 3 on Sept. 1st so we are celebrating their birthday this coming weekend. The party is going to be at Stregga and Papa's house. We are having a Mickey Mouse themed party with a Bounce House!! I ordered a Cupcake Tower cake too!! And we got all of the Mickey theme plates, cups, balloons through Birthday Direct, a fabulous online company. It was so much less expensive than some of the other sites I checked out and I was able to essentially get a party in box mailed to us!!!

So my babies will be 3 AND they are starting preschool. Orientation is Sept. 2nd!! I am so NOT ready. And they had their last Birth to 3 visit today. They have been in the program since they were 8 weeks old. We grew very attached to their physical therapist Gigi!! And we will all miss her so much. She promised to visit and want to hear updates about their school and the baby when she is born. But, my goodness it's a big step to go form having Gigi a part of our lives on a weekly basis for so long to nothing!!

So many milestones have marked our lives this summer and especially this week!! All is good!! But, time is going so fast!!!!!!!!!!!

I look forward to all that the future has for us and I wish all of you the best for your futures too!!


  1. Sounds like you packed a lot into your summer! I'm with you though..I'm not ready for it to end:)

  2. Oh, sweet Luccio! The doctor hurt him! That would break my heart too if I heard him say that! But I'm glad he's back to normal and doing well!

    And how about we BOTH win the lottery, then we can both keep our husbands home and continue on as SAHMs? ;-)

  3. The lottery would be great, but I like the time freezing idea.
    I love this age that the boys are at.
    I can't wait for sister to get here though. I had a great summer too spending it with all of you.
    I am going to miss greg though when he goes back to work LOL