Monday, August 10, 2009

Pregnancy Face

There is no one quite like a sibling to give you and honest assessment of yourself. Throughout my pregnancy I have been feeling good and my belly was a nice little bump that measured exactly on target at each check up. Well...this week I "popped." I had lots of stretching and pulling one day and some contractions. Then the next morning I woke up an it looked like I swallowed a watermelon!! I even had 2 stretch marks, which I didn't get with the boys until 2 days before I delivered them!! When i went to the OB my belly measured 5 weeks ahead!!

I showed my belly to Hubby and the boys and they oohed and aahed and admitted it looked larger. My mom saw it and said "Oh, it looks cute." One friend I had seen last Sunday had commented how small my belly was, then on Thursday when she saw me she was screaming "Where did your belly come from??"

So I knew I popped.

But, it was until I saw my brother, aka Godfather as the boys call him, that I knew for sure I had moved into a different stage of pregnancy. He took one look at me and said "Oh My God there is no hiding that belly! And you have Pregnancy Face!!"

Just to clear up any confusion, Pregnancy Face is not a compliment. To make sure I understood that point, my brother called me to be sure I was "going easy on the sodium." Because according to him, "You are puffy and your nose is HUGE!"



  1. Bwahahahaaaa! Pregnancy Face!!! I tell you, when I finally 'popped', I looked like a 400 pound Samoan man. Not. Even. Kidding. ;-) You could have landed a plane on my nose, that's how huge it was!

  2. Girlfriends call that the "glow". It is also an excuse to go eat some more ice cream and buy a new top.
    Tell your lovely commentators on your face to take a hike then blame the hormones! :)

  3. LOL!! Both of your responses cracked me up!!

  4. Gotta love that brother!! LOL Hope you don't take it too seriously!! you do look cute I love preggo bellies.

  5. LOL Nice Brother! Tell him "To Take it to the Mattresses" (aka, The Godfather)

    Remind him that you're working on a miracle... what trick can he make? :)