Sunday, June 21, 2009

Poop Prize

Warning TMI: gross and stinky details included:

I am awarding Hubby with the Father of the Year Award for 2009!! He has earned this honor over and over throughout the year, but most especially last evening when we were driving home from a Graduation Party and we had a request from Cenzo that he needed Potty Time right away. Hubby was a quick thinker and pulled over at a gas station and took out our portable potty chair for Cenzo. He patiently waited while Cenzo made the biggest poop of his life in the little bowl. Hubby withstood the stink and kept a smile on as he cleaned Cenzo up. Then he graciously dumped the prize winning poop into a garbage can and we took off before anyone noticed!!!

We drove home with all windows down, woo hoo!!!!

Luckily Hubby was with us because I am not good with the whole poop clean up duty especially now that I am pregnant and every scent makes me sick, ughhhh!!

I should of course say Hubby has earned his award with more than just poop clean up. He works really hard to support our little family and after a long day of teaching he comes home to play with the kids, make dinner, give baths and help get the boys to bed. On the weekends he gets up early with them, makes breakfast, does laundry and entertains them while I relax, clean or go out shopping. He enjoys his time with the boys either playing or snuggling and they LOVE him so much!!!!!

Happy Father's Day Hubby!!!

And Happy Father's Day to my own Dad, the original Fantastic Father of the Year!

And to all Dads!! You deserve the very best, enjoy your day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. OM Gosh that is so great! We would have done the same thing! LOL Definitely a trooper of a dad and a keeper of a hubs! Tell him Happy Fathers Day!


  2. Aw! What a sweet daddy! Happy Father's Day to your husband!

  3. Have Potty will travel. Love the potty time stories.
    We are lucky we have such great hubs and they are great fathers.

  4. Thank you for your comment! :o)

    What a sweet tribute to your hubby! He sounds like a wonderful husband and father. You all are truly blessed!