Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Identity Crisis

Ya know the song, "John, Jacob, JingleHeimer, Smith...His Name is My Name too?" Well yesterday at the park we had a similar identity issue!

A ray of sunshine FINALLY peeked out from behind the clouds so we hastily packed the boys into the car and rushed to the park for fresh air!!

Normally the park I take them to has a small, quiet crowd.

Well, yesterday it was THE place to be, everyone was there, tons of kids.

The boys were so excited to see other kids!! Cenzo was practically jumping out of the car and asking if he could say hello to the kids and meet friends, and blah, blah!!

I assured him he could talk to everyone just as soon as his seatbelt was off.

Since Hubby came with us, I got to sit on a bench and observe the playground activities.

Fantastic!! I love summer vacation!!

Anyway, the boys climbed to the top of the playscape and met a few girls who were about 10 years old. I could hear the girls to them. One of them said "Oh, they must be brothers, they are wearing the same braclet."

Then she asked them their names. I heard Cenzo say, "I Cenzo."

And then Luccio said, "I Cenzo." So the girl said, "Oh they have the same name!"

I was cracking up!!

Later, a little boy asked Luccio his name and he said, "Cenzo." So the boy said, "Hi Cenzo."

I was still laughing, but now I am worried. Does Luccio not know his name??

Does he really think he is Cenzo too??? Hmmmmm......

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  1. LOL! I can just imagine you cracking up about Luccio, then stopping suddenly mid-laugh to wonder about him knowing his name! ;-)