Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pregnancy Induced Hypochondria

The other day I had an OB appointment.  It went very well...the baby's heart rate was 145, my blood pressure was good, I only gained .4 since my last visit (total of 5 pounds so far) which was good.  And my doctor reviewed my cervix check from last week. He said that the average length is 4.1 and mine was 4.4 which is excellent!  He said that he is convinced it only shortened last time because I was carrying twins and that he isn't expecting it to happened again this time.  Great!!!

Therefor he said I can skip the internal checks.  Now, those of you who have had pregnancies or work in the medical field will know that an internal consists of a doctor shoving his arm up the "cho-cha" until it comes out your ears.  I was more than happy to skip this process and leave well enough alone.  Doc said that as long as my cervix length stays the same on this weeks ultrasound I can skip the next internal too.  Fantastic!!!! 

I was practically  out the door when I had to double check that it's ok to skip the internal and verify how quickly the cervix can shorten.  I don't want to get to 22 weeks and be surprised that my cervix is 100% effaced and I have started dilating like last time.  I want to be ahead of the game this time around!

Doc said they have no way of knowing how quickly the length can shorten, hmmm not reassuring.  But, that since I have not having signs of pre-term labor I'm probably fine, especially since I was just there on Friday with an excellent reading.

Hmmm, signs?  He said things like back pain, cramping, fluid leaking, pelvic pressure.  
Yeah, those things all sound extremely familiar from my last pregnancy, ughhh.  But, not this time. I am fine.

And out the door I go.  But, wait! Do I feel pelvic pressure?? Maybe I am in pre-term labor and I just didn't realize it?? Maybe my cervix is shortening and I don't know it?? I do feel pressure, don't I?? Maybe I should run back in the office and demand an internal?? No wait, that brings me back to reality.  

I went grocery shopping on the way and was very aware of "pelvic pressure" that hadn't been there prior to my appointment.  I called a good friend and fellow pregnant hypochondriac and she reassured me that it was HIGHLY unlikely that I suddenly went into pre-term labor and didn't realize it! She reminded me that last time I felt the symptoms and went immediately to my doctor's office and then to the ER.  

I felt better.  Especially since by the time I got home I was so distracted making dinner that I forgot about the pelvic pressure and didn't remember again until the next day that I didn't actually feel anything.

I think I am good for now, until my next appointment, LOL!!!!!!!


  1. Oh dear. My name is ModernMom and I am a hypochondriac. I too worried about every flutter..then every non flutter. I felt good, did I feel too good? (had a scary pregnancy myself) Keep calling your friends, and reassure yourself with your doc whenever you need to. Glad to hear you are good. Until your next appt. LOL

  2. LOL! I'm the worst when I'm pregnant. My hypochondria kicks in big time! I'm glad you don't need any more internals though. Those, I could live without! ;-)

  3. LOL just relax it's only another 123 more days