Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Boy Who Cried Wolf...

The boys are in this phase where they think having boo-boos is exciting, they know it gets them attention and they like it! So... Cenzo has this beauty mark on his arm that Stregga thought was a tick, we overreacted "slightly" and examined it closely. Now he refers to it as his boo-boo and insists it needs lots of kisses. Luccio sees that and remembers that 3 weeks ago he cut his lip on a plastic whistle. So of course it still counts as a boo-boo and also needs attention.

It doesn't stop at boo-boos...Hubby had the hiccups the other night and that was all the talk the next day. Both boys spent all day yesterday "having hiccups." We went shopping with Nonni and they told her all about how Mama had to go bye bye and they had "Guy's Night" with Daddy and how Daddy got the hiccups. They had to show her they have the hiccups too! They also had to tell everyone we met at Toys R Us and the park!!!

Then we went out to dinner with friends last night. Since they also have a 2 year old, we went to China Buffet, the best place on earth to take toddlers for dinner!! The boys of course hiccuped for thier friend James.

But, the worst was when I let them have Jell-O. My friend said, make sure you cut it up so they don't choke. So of course, while eating his Jell-O, Cenzo had to pretend he was choking. I told him to stop "crying Wolf." The fake choking stopped and dinner continued.

Now, I have said that wolf phrase to him before and reminded him that the wolf ate the boy (probably not the best toddler story) But, I have never told the full story or given him details. I didn't think he really knew what that meant.

Well, what Cenzo doesn't know for fact, he makes up. So later when we got in the car, he says "so the boy cried wolf and he died?"

Oh my God!! How does he even know what "died" means? So I said no he didn't die, but people stopped believing him. I told them the full story of how the boy watched or the wolf and kept yelling to the people in the village that wolf was coming. The people would run to check and there would be no wolf, the boy was just pretending. Finally when the real wolf came, no one believed the boy and didn't come to see the wolf.

I left the story at that. And Cenzo said, "So the boy cried wolf and died?" UGH!!! I said no the boy just go hurt.

Stregga happened to call on my cellphone and hears Cenzo recounting his version of the story. She said to tell him that the wolf just scared the boy. I thought, great solution put an end to the "death" part, etc.

So I tell him that Stregga said the boy didn't get hurt he just got scared.

And he said "No Stregga, not what happen, the boy cry wolf and died!"

And that is that...


  1. LOL! Is he a bit stubborn? I suppose it's his story, and he's sticking to it! :-)