Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Bean Report 18 Weeks

Sorry I left my last post up so long, it's been a crazy week!! I was so stressed at the beginning of the week because I had gotten a call from my doctor regarding my Quad Screen. They always say that they will not call with normal results so when I saw the number on my caller id I panicked.

Basically the call was to tell me that one of my tests results was elevated. Its the AFP level which is a screening for Neural Tube Defects (NTD). A number under 2 is considered normal. My level was 1.1, well within the limit so I thought I was all set, but the nurse said that because one of my sons had a NTD the criteria is stricter and they want that number to be under .95 so I was slightly above. My doctor got on the phone and tried to reassure me. He said we already knew going into this that I was at an elevated risk and the test was just to make sure they looked closely at the ultrasound, so really nothing had changed because that was the plan anyway. I felt a little better but couldn't shake that "what if" feeling for days.

And last Sunday I had gone to a Baby Shower and the gift I brought was a swing, in a large box. Instead of waiting for Hubby to get home, I loaded the big box into the car myself and I felt something pull on my left side. So for the next 3 days I was feeling something that felt like contractions. Since I have a history of pre-term labor and a shortening cervix I freaked out. I called the on-call doc who basically said even if it was labor or contractions, at 18 weeks there is nothing they can do. So she suggested taking Tylenol and drinking plenty of fluids and waiting fo my appointment on Wednesday where they would check the baby and my cervix. So for 3 day I waited anxiously!! I started going through all kinds of scenarios of doom and gloom, etc.

Then FINALLY on Wednesday it was time for my ultrasound. My aunt watched the boys and Stregga came to the appointment with me. Well, it went fantastic!! Bean is still a girl and she passed all the markers with flying colors!! They measured every bone and organ and each measured exactly on target or a little ahead which is great!! And the doctor checked the "red flag" areas that would indicate a NTD and found nothing!!!!!! The brain, ventricles, spine, cerebral fluid, and abdomen all looked great and were well within the norm! THANK YOU GOD!!!!

The last step was to check my cervix. It was still measuring over 4.5 which is beyond normal, YEAH!!! The doctor thought the "spasm" I was feeling ligaments stretching. And by yesterday it stopped!!!!!

So, it was a great appointment, I feel so relieved. During my 18 week scan with the boys we already knew Luccio had enlarged brain ventricles and Cenzo had too much fluid in his kidney, so I remember leaving there wondering and worrying. To leave a Level 2 reassured and relaxed was a whole new game, this has truly been a healing pregnancy experience so far and I hope it continues!!!!!!


  1. Now ya Happy??
    It was amazing to see the level 2 US. thank you for including me.
    I hope you can relax and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy. Your half way there YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We worry and worry sometimes and then we are pleasantly surprised to have wonderful news. How great your appointment went so well, almost there and remember how fast (and slow) the time will pass. Sending happy baby thoughts from a fellow twin mama!

  3. That is a wonderful post!! I am so glad Bean is healthy and staying put!