Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cry Mommy

This morning, Cenzo woke up and went into the bathroom for "potty time." I got him all set up and then went to his room to get him clean underwear. Well, he was bellowing for me so I hurried back thinking he was done. No, the Boss just wanted me to "stay me Mommy." This is nothing unusual as he always requests this and I sit on the small stool in the bathroom and cheer him on as he does his "business." Well today, Cenzo decided he didn't want me to sit on the stool. He said "No sit there! Mommy too big." And then he was laughing his bum-bum off!! I said "Cenzo that is not nice, Mommy IS going to sit there." So, the little stinker looks right at me and says "Cry Mommy." I told him no I wouldn't cry because I was happy. But, he persisted, "cry Mommy, cry!!" Then he started to fake cry "waaa, waaa, cry Mommy!"
UGH!!!! Nice, real nice!


  1. haha! Sounds like a little handful you got there! My daughter will always ask me a question and if I say "I don't know." She will reply "Yes you do mama, you know." They think they know everything!

  2. I got one of those..don't ya just love em'.

  3. LOL! Why do kids think they can get away with saying your butt's big? I love it!... But of course, your butt isn't big at all! ;-)