Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sink Bath

We went with Grandma to get the boys portraits done today! It was so much fun!!! The session didn't seem to be going well because the boys took turns crying and walking away and refusing to pose. And then they would smile, hug or laugh and the photographer wouldn't be snapping pics because she said she could only do 30 shots and didn't want to waste them. Needless to say Grandma and I were not sure what to expect of the pics. But, we were pleasantly surprised when they all came out gorgeous!!! Of course we are biased, but my goodness their little personalities were captured! And we bought sheet after sheet of just about every pose!!! I will post the pics when we get them.

After pics we went to walk around Build-A-Bear and then to the food court of the mall for dinner. Well, there is a carousel in the food court so the boys really wanted "horsey rides" and were very distracted. Cenzo kept getting up and walking away. So we told him if he didn't sit and eat he would have to go in his stroller for time-out. Well, he did it again so we put him in the stroller. He grabbed a bite of cheeseburger off the table and stuffed it in his mouth as he went into the stroller.

Then he cried and screamed with a mouth full of burger, he started coughing and then gagged and threw up! UGH!!!! Thankfully Grandma and Hubby cleaned it up cause I can't stand vomit (although who does like it, right??) He got cleaned up and we rode the carousel and the night ended on a good note. It was so much fun!!! The boys really enjoyed their time with Grandma!

Cenzo reeked of vomit on the car ride home so he needed a bath. Hubby and I were exhausted from wrangling the boys at their photo shoot. SO I decided to do a "sink bath." We used to do sink baths when they were little and then at 9 months or so moved them to the tub. Every once in a while we will do a sink bath and its like a special treat. Cenzo was SO excited. When I put him in the warm, soapy water he said "awww, I yuv sink baps" (translation: I love sink baths)
It was so cute. And I had to admit I love sink baths too. Its one on one time with them and it reminds me of when they were smaller. They used to be teeny tiny preemies and now they are big 35 pounders so its hard to remember how needy they once were. Sink baths are also so much easier on my back than the tub ones, LOL!

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  1. Aw, how cute! I yuv sink baps too! LOL I hope you post some of the portraits!

    Happy Valentine's Day!