Monday, February 9, 2009

Almost as much fun as California...

My parents were supposed to go away this week to a spa and resort in San Diego. My dad was going to be taking a class for work and mom was going along to enjoy a break from winter!
Unfortunately because of the bad economy and some stress at work, the trip was canceled! Bummer!! So the boys and I consoled Stregga by spending the day with her. And we kept her busy folding basket after basket of laundry!!

I don't know if it's because we have twins or if there is magic happening, but our laundry baskets are ALWAYS full!! It's like a never ending fountain of clothing!!

I usually do laundry on Monday and Thursdays for the most part. Then Hubby or I will throw in random loads here and there. The problem is the folding and putting away. Sometimes I fold them right away but then the boys will be napping so I can't put them away. Other times we just pile one load on top of the other. That is what happened this week. I felt like I was drowning in the sea of clothes piling up in my room. So Stregga took pity on my and came over to fold and fold and fold...and put away!!

She even cleaned my bedroom and dusted- WOO HOO!!
And the boys entertained us with their funny antics!

I don't know, but I think Stregga would agree that it was by far better than relaxing by the pool at some swanky resort in sunny California!


  1. LOL I would give up a trip to sunny California any day to spend time with my boys! Of course room service would have been nice.

  2. LOL! I wish, I wish, I wish my mom would come visit me and dust! Never mind the laundry (which in our house, gets piled too), I'll take a good dusting anyday!

    Just wanted to say 'hi'! Saw your blog on Mom Blog Network and wanted to say I'm excited to start following you! :-) Keep up the great blogging!