Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mother of Boys

Well, we had an interesting Sunday.
It started with Luccio waking up at 5:30 am, ugh!!
I am NOT a morning person at all.
Before 7 am is still nighttime to me.
I convinced him to stay in his bed until 6:30and then I dragged my self out to the couch.
It was Hubby's day to sleep in so I tried my best to wrangle the boys and keep them quiet,
no small feat.

Then Hubby took Cenzo to get his haircut. The poor kid had been asking for a haircut for 3 weeks now! Don't ask me how a 2 yr old knows when his hair needs a new do', but he does!
He left looking like my little baby and came home looking like a little man.
A handsome little man though!
We finally got both boys sleeping and I ran to my bed to nap. Then the doorbell rang! UGH!
I am sure most people with small children can relate to the fact that
we consider naptime sacred.

Doorbell ringing is unacceptable!!
However it was a very nice neighbor dropping off cupcakes for the boys
so I couldn't stay too mad!
Especially since the boys were still sleeping.
I quickly ate a cupcake and ran back to back to bed!
I never ended up really napping because a cycle of phone calls was coming in.
But, I rested.
Then Hubby headed to his Dad's for a Super Bowl Party.
And my Dad came over to pick up Luccio for a Guy's Outing!
So Luccio and Papa headed off to Barnes & Noble and the Mall!

Cenzo and I spent the afternoon playing with cars and Mickey Mouse characters.

A few hours later when Luccio got home we had dinner and decided to that
since Daddy was off having Guy's Night,
we would have a party of our own.

Now as a Mother of Boys,
I was left home to watch the Super Bowl football game with the little guys.
As many people can attest I am not a Sporty Girl to say the least.
In fact, the most football I have seen was in the movie Varsity Blues starring the guy from Dawson's Creek. So, needless to say the boys didn't get a real rundown of the game.
But, we put the Super Bowl on for background noise as we played a game of nerfball!!
There was running and cheering just like in Varsity Blues!!
And Cenzo actually got really into watching the game on TV for a few minutes
and tried to do some of the moves..

Luccio on the other hand
thought resting on the couch with toys
was better idea!

Like mother like son!!!

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