Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Friend's Baby

Today I accompanied a good friend to her first ultrasound appointment. It was so exciting! She is 7 weeks pregnant and the ultrasound was to confirm the pregnancy. Well, it's confirmed!! There was one healthy baby in there with a strong heartbeat! My friend is a fellow twin mom so there was a moment of breath holding waiting to see if the ultrasound would reveal more than one, LOL!! But, there on the screen was one tiny little bean with a fluttering heart beating away. There is nothing quite like witnessing new life. I left the doctors office feeling like I had a reminder of how precious life is. This tiny little being tucked safely away in it's mother's womb is already changing lives!! I am grateful that my friend let me tag along to witness such a sacred event!


  1. How wonderful she shared such a special moment.

  2. The ultrasound picture alone makes me want to have another baby NOW! ;-) LOL