Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mommy Too Big

Today, I dropped the boys off for a class on their own for the first time!! We have been going to a toddler gym class together for about a year now. And this semester they are offering a class for 2-3 yr. olds called "Crafty Climbers." The kids have free play time on the gym equipment, organized activity, make a craft and have snack all in 90 minutes. I debated a bit if the boys were ready or if I was for such a big step. I decided it would be good for them on many levels. First of all because they are with me so much, I thought a break for all of us would be nice. I think the structure of a class would be good for them. they will get a chance to play with friends and follow directions from a different adult for a change. And prepare them a bit for preschool which will be coming in the fall.

Luccio loves going to the gym and could care less if I go or not. He is fairly agreeable and easy going when it comes to stuff like that. Vincenzo on the other hand is a Nervous Nellie like me. So I started 2 or 3 weeks ago preparing him for the fact that he was going to "school." I told him he was going with Luccio and they were going to play and have activity and snack. So he said "Mommy come too." I told him I couldn't because I was too big and its for kids. Well, he latched onto that idea and for the past 2 weeks he has been telling everyone, "Mommy too big." Most people have no idea what he is talking about and think he is just referencing my hefty weight gain. Its not great for my self esteem to hear over and over, "Mommy too big." But, it got the point across to my 2 year old.

So today I brought the boys in to "school" and Cenzo repeated over and over his mantra "Mommy too big" as we drove. When we arrived he was ready to go. We took off their jackets and shoes and Luccio ran into the gym without a look back. Cenzo came up to me and with a shy look waited to see what he should do. He said one last "Mommy too big, I stay with Luccio. Mommy get coffee." Then we did our 2 kisses and a high five and he smiled and ran off!!

No drama, no tears. Big boys going to class, WOW!! It was gratifying!! And I got so much done in that hour! I visited 2 preschools, shopped at the Parent-teacher Store and got my coffee. And I still was 15 mins. early for pick-up! When I arrived the door what closed but I could still hear Cenzo's loud voice yapping away! LOL! And it sounded like a lot of laughter going on so I was relieved!

When the teacher came out and addressed those of us waiting Mamas it felt like it was grading time for us! We all began asking her questions immediately. She started with one mom telling her that her son lead the pack, another 2 she told that their sons had some tantrums but straightened up their act as time went on and ended up really enjoying themselves. One mom had left her little boy in tears so she was already feeling worried and the teacher confirmed her worst fears that D. was the saddest in the class, awwww, poor little guy and poor mom! I wanted to hug her. Then it was my turn. She said my Little Bear puts his foot down and wants what he wants when he wants it. He was screaming at her at open point so she had to remind him to use his words! OMG!! She went on to other moms. Then I asked her, well what about Cenzo? "He was perfect!" she said. Sigh of relief because he was the one I had been anxious about.

Then the line of kids came out and mass chaos ensued. The boys were carrying monkey magnets that they had made. Luccio saw me and came running, he was showing me his craft and yelling, "I did it! I did It!!!" They were so proud of themselves and their crafts!! I was almost in tears at that point because they were so adorable!

As we put their shoes on, Luccio lost his monkey magnet. We searched and couldn't find it. So we sadly had to leave without it.

Once we got home they went straight for a nap and slept 4 hours! When they got up Hubby was home so the boys told him about school. The only clear phrase was "Mommy too big!"

Then my parents called and talked to them on speaker phone and asked the boys about school. And of course Cenzo told them, "Mommy too big."

Ahh, great! But, my goodness I am proud of these boys. Even my little Bear and his impatience, LOL!!

Oh and by the way, when I changed into my jammies I found the monkey magnet, it had fallen down my shirt.

So, if I monkey magnet can get lost in my shirt and I can't feel it, then I have to agree, "Mommy too big!!"


  1. I'm so proud of our babies, and of you for letting them go. I know how hard that it is to make that decision.
    But... i couldn't stop laughing when I read where you found the monkey. LOL

  2. OMG. That made me laugh hysterically. Sorry about the magnet and the self esteeem, but man out of the mouth of babes!

  3. It's awesome that you're getting them involved in an independent activity like that now. So fabulous. Glad to hear they did well and I'll have to tell them when they're older that Mommy's NEVER too big!!!!

  4. Cenzo told me when I was trying on my new top I asked him if he liked it he said "too big" now I'm actually thinking of taking it back. Imagine thinking of taking fashion advice for a 2 year old. LOL

  5. Out of the mouths of babes-so true!! the other day he told me i need a haircut, unreal!!

  6. LOL.. my 4 year old says "Mommy You're a big girl!" and I cringe... LOL

    Glad their first outing without Mommy went great!

    Thanks for coming by my blog today, yours is great. :D

  7. It sounds like they had a marvellous time! And some child-free time won't hurt you either :D