Sunday, February 8, 2009

Clean Up, Everbody Do Your Share...

Our house has gotten overrun with toys. Big toys, little toys, plastic toys, noisy toys, learning toys, musical toys...too many toys!!! Right before the holidays we did a major clean up and gave some toys away. Well, 2 months later here we are again with more toys than 2 humans could ever play with. Lately, I have been feeling so claustrophobic, like our tiny house is closing in on me. When I go into the playroom I feel my chest tighten when I look around at the mess.

Before I had children I used to swear that I would NEVER let my kids have so much junk! My nephew used to tease me and say "what are your kids going to play with cardboard boxes?" And I used to say "YES!" I pictured simplicity. But, I gave in to consumerism. I went overboard. At Christmas time I was insane, I was more excited than they were and I do love all of the fun things we have. But, I feel like they don't appreciate it because there is too much. SO I am not saying I need to throw everything away, just shuffle and rotate them a bit. And pass on what we don't need or use anymore.

So today I had enough. I reached my limit! And I didn't get there quietly. I started off just moving things around, then I started loading baskets of toys and trucks and junk and moving it to the garage. As I was doing this, the boys were following after me taking things out of bins and dumping the baskets I just re-organized.

I lost it, completely lost my mind! Luckily Hubby was home and came downstairs to the playroom and started loading up garbage bags and helped get the chaos under control!

Now we have less toys and more room to play, YEAH!!! We have baskets for cars, for people, for cooking supplies, for musical toys. We put puzzles and large building blocks and a pop up tunnel in the closet. We organized the Book Nook. And you can actually see the train table now!!!

We parted with more toys than the boys would have liked, but they will get over it. Luccio went out with Daddy for the afternoon and Cenzo went over to Stregga and Papa's. By the time they see the cleaned up playroom tomorrow all they will know is they can see their toys and the floor!! Hopefully they won't remember what is missing. And will enjoy what they have!!

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