Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Freshman 40

Well, everyone has heard of the Freshman 15, the weight you gain your first year of college.  For me it was closer to 40 pounds and I have been trying to take it off for the past 15 years!! At one point, with the help of weekly Weight Watchers meetings and kickboxing, I was able to maintain a 30 pound loss for two years. I felt great! So much energy!!  Then came marriage and the stress of daily life and infertility and pregnancy with twins and on and on... until I have now regained my freshman 40 and then some, ugh!! 

While pregnant I gained 36 pounds.  By my 6 week check-up I had lost 54 pounds!! A gift from God!! I felt fantastic, I fit in my old cute clothes.  And then life got hectic again, I stopped pumping, wore sweats all day and became absorbed in carrying for little ones 24/7.  When I finally woke up from the fog 2 years later, I looked in the mirror and was scared out of my mind to see a stranger standing in my bathroom!! How did that fat lady get into my house?? But, I put on my glasses and looked closer and OMG, it was me!!!!

This can't be me.  I am the cute girl with cute clothes and long hair.  No, this can't be me.  This lady is dumpy and frumpy and has short, grey hair!! 

But, it is me and I can't blame college (well I could since that many pizzas has to have  lasting effect!) and I can't blame my pregnancy since the boys are 30 months old and I weigh more now that I did 7 months pregnant with them!!

Since my freshman 40 excuse has expired and my post-pregnancy weight is kinda getting to the point of expiration, I have decided to design a Lenten weight loss plan.

SO, I gave up junk food for 40 days.  I was going to "cheat" on Sundays because according to Vatican II or some church document it's ok.  But,  I didn't even feel like having junkie goods on Sunday! So I made it through one solid week of NO JUNK FOOD!! NO chips, candy, sundaes or cookies.    

Of course it helped that in the past two weeks I have had my thyroid medication adjusted. And I had the stomach bug!

BUT, when I weighed myself this morning I was down 8 pounds!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! 
Freshman 40 watch out!!!


  1. don't feel too bad my baby turned 30. Menopause looks like being pregnant all over again!!

  2. am so jealous. I haven't managed to lose my prego weight (3 years later) and have definitely added more. Sadly, I've become re-addicted to oatmeal creme pies during Lent (bad, I know; nowhere close to self-denial sacrificing-as I cross myself); keep it up!