Saturday, March 28, 2009

Caring and Sharing

A few months ago I was at the Parent-Teacher store and I bought cute posters for the bulletin board in our playroom. One of them says "Care and Share." So I have been reminding the boys of that motto when they start fighting over toys. Usually they will just scream that phrase at each other "Care and SHARE!!!!" And the fight continues. But, today was a breakthrough!

We sat outside on my mom's deck for hours! I had brought out a new ride on toy to join the 5 others of its kind. I of course expected fighting and screaming, etc. But, MUCH to my surprise, they shared!! Cenzo took the first turn and eventually Luccio walked over and said in a tentative way, "My turn??" And shock of all shockers, Cenzo got up and went to a different toy! Luccio's surprised face was precious, but he quickly got over it and jumped on the little tractor. We stayed outside for 3 hours and the afternoon trend of sharing continued!!

I know its probably a fluke that can be attributed to the fact that it was so nice to be outdoors after a long winter, but my goodness it was a sliver or hope for the future that hopefully my boys will grow into caring brothers who share!


  1. I wish I was home to see it! LOL

    I'm sure they will grow to be caring-sharing brothers
    keep up the great work

  2. AH! That is wonderful! Caring IS sharing! :-)

  3. That's Awesome! Pat yourself on the back Mommy, that is a feat to be proud of. My boys don't share at all. I'm going to try the Caring is Sharing!