Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Explorers

Today we set out for a walk in the neighborhood. I bundled the boys up in their puffy jackets and "hoodies" and out we went into the brisk air and sunshine. It was the first time that the boys and I have walked the neighborhood without a stroller. They each held one of my hands and we set off. I thought we would walk across the street to the restaurant parking lot and back. But, the boys had other ideas and so we walked and walked. We went all the way down one street until we hit the main road. They oohhed and aahhed over the big blue garbage cans we saw on the the sidewalk. They talked on and on about having to "walk 'round gribage cans." When we arrived at the main road and saw school buses, there was no controlling the excitement. Next, we walked past the Firehouse just as a fire engine was driving out. Well, that reaction was priceless. Lots of "Wow, WOW!!!" We watched a fireman clean one of the trucks for quite a while.

And then we turned down our street and the real exploring began. Luccio stopped suddenly and knelt down and he said, "I found" and point to a blue arrow painted on the road. So we talked about that it sparked them looking for new things. So they found a yellow painted arrow, a piece of rope, a soup can, a stick and some very fascinating rocks.

It was so much fun watching them explore and pretend to be little scientists! And the walk was good for all of us! Much needed air and exercise.

When we got home, I told them how much I loved walking with them.
And Cenzo said, "No problem, Mommy."


  1. See there is a whole free world out there to explore. Isn't it great to be able to stay home and explore with them? Wait till we go to the Zoo this spring they will go nuts. I'm so happy I get to enjoy seeing them explore too.

  2. Wonderful!! It sounds like they had a blast. What a great memory you got from that. Thanks for sharing.