Monday, March 23, 2009


Last night I made past and a "fast sauce" for dinner.  Now "fast sauce" takes about 20 minutes as opposed to "holiday sauce" which needs to cook for hours.  Basically, "Fast Sauce" is as Nonnie would say, something you "slop together."  You mix oil, garlic, tomatoes and basil in a frying pan and let it cook while you boil the pasta. 

Now, Luccio turns his nose up at pasta with red sauce.  He takes after Hubby's side of the family where the little cousin all enjoy buttered noodles.  But, Vincenzo is a true Italiano and he loves his pasta with "saucy"!! So when he woke up from nap and smelled sauce cooking, he assumed his post at the kitchen table in his highchair waiting.

Finally everything was ready and I put Cenzo's plate in front of him, his mouth was watering. He added his grated cheese and dug in with his spoon, which he refers to as his "shovel."  

He looked up at me with his sauce covered face and said, 
"Mmmm good.  Thank you making this me Mama."

Oh my God, my heart filled with glorious joy!!!!! To watch him enjoy his pasta so much made me want to go out and plant a field of tomatoes!! Or at least a potted plant or two.  And I am now inspired to get out my pasta maker so I can make him some fresh pasta and scrumptious sauce just to see the delight he takes in it!!!!  Nothing could make an Italian Mama happier!

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  1. He's an Italian grandmothers dream come true.
    A boy who love his Pasta. Last time I made sauce he waited all day for it. It was holiday sauce so he just waited and waited I finally had to just cook his pasta for him. He loves meat balls too. He makes his ancestors proud!
    . I'm so happy Nonni is still here to enjoy the boys