Friday, March 20, 2009

Nonni's House

Now that the boys are getting older it is so much easier to go out on our own.  I just pack a couple pull-ups and wipes and cups and snacks.  It all fits into little backpacks that the boys take turns carrying.  We hardly ever need the stroller anymore, which is so much less lugging! So in the morning we talk about our day and if we decide it's a good day for an outing, off we go!

Lately, I have been letting the boys pick what we will do with our day.  And I have to say that ranking right up there with Chuck E. Cheese and the Mall, is Nonnie's house.  Nonni is my grandmother.  She lives across town in an elderly apartment building that is set up similar to a college dorm.  The kids love going there.  She has a tiny apartment with a living room, galley kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.  Enough space for one person, maybe two, but two year old twins is a tight fit.  Nonetheless they beg to go visit Nonni.

Each time we go it's the same routine...they are excited to press all the handicap buttons to open the doors and the buzzers to let Nonni know we have arrived.  Then they run at top speed down the long hallway and give her the biggest hugs in the world!!

Next, we go in and they start immediately to go to the toy cabinet.  She has two Hess trucks and they each have claimed one as "theirs."  They have lights and sirens and are quite noisy, but they love them!  Next, we have snack.  It's always cookies of some sort.  After snack they beg to go for a walk.  

This is by far their favorite part, walking the long hallways and saying hello to everyone we pass.  

Yesterday at Nonni's she surprised them with a trip on the elevator to go downstairs to the Laundry Room!! OMG!! They were so excited!!! They said hello to the women washing their clothes and then went off exploring the halls.  Nonni took them to see her storage locker area. She wanted to get a few of her things out of storage.  Its a room in the basement that has these little sections where each resident can keep things that they don't have room in their apartments.

Well, I have a horrible basement phobia so even the laundry room was freaking me out.  So, when we went to the storage area I went into panic mode.  I was trying not to let the boys know I was freaked out.  So I tried hanging back by the door. Of course, they notice and kept yelling, "c'mer, follow me!"  Nonni tried to reassure me by saying I didn't need to hold the door and that it would lock behind me!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!! Stuck in a basemen with a locked door, I couldn't take another step.

Nonni thought I was nuts!!! I could not, WOULD not move from the doorway.  I needed air!!!! But, the boys had a blast playing hide and seek and laughing like hyenas!  Luckily my outright irrational fear didn't get translated to them! UGH!! I am so nuts.

After the horror of the storage area, we went into the community room.  it was carpeted and well lit and had beautiful furniture.  The boys found an old piano and sat for a long time banging away on the keys.  

When it was time to go back up to Nonni's apartment, they both held her hands and led the way.  They were pros at the hallways now!  When we got back to the elevator we saw a man who said "Hello, How are you?" And Cenzo answered, "Hi, I happy!"  It's was precious!!!

It was a slight struggle to get them to pack up and leave, but after promises of returning soon and the reminder that they could push the buttons to open the doors, off we went again.

They went straight for naps when we got home and slept 3 hours!! Love it!!
And as soon as they woke up, Cenzo said "I go Nonni's house again?"  I told him we would go next week.  And then he proceeded to cry like a maniac for over 10 minutes, screaming "I go Nonni house!!!"  I finally got him to stop by bribing him with a snack and promise that we could call Nonni!!

I love that the boys have developed a special bond with their great-grandmother.  Nonni has always been an important person in my life being there from the moment I was born.  I am really enjoying the boys discovery what a treasure a Nonni can be!!!


  1. This is such a great story! My grandma was an amazing woman & such an important person in my life too. (I named my daughter Emma after her) I wish my kids had the chance to know her. Thanks for sharing this story. Brings back such good memories for me of my Grandma.

  2. That is so sweet! Your boys will always be able to treasure this time, and you will always have those memories. Grandma's are the best!

  3. What an awesome memory. You reminded me of my visits when I was little to my grandmother's apartment. All the residents loved it when I visited and I felt so special. Your boys (I'm certain) are an amazing spark to the residents day.
    Thanks for bringing up such good memories for me.