Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mom Mobile

So many changes going on around here! Our house is on the market, we have an official sign on the front lawn and everything!! This weekend is our first Open House, so wish us luck!! We need to find the right couple to come in here and love the place! And the lease on our Trailblazer is up this week. So in the midst of house cleaning and clutter clearing, we are also car shopping!!

We found a great deal on a Mom Mobile today! Its a Chevy Uplander. It has all the requirements I have been looking for including a 3rd seat so I can take 7 passengers- WOO HOO!!! When we first saw it on the lot, I thought "Oh my, it's a mini-van." Which is of course what we were shopping for, but seeing it in reality is another story, LOL!! But, it drives nicely and is in great shape. So, if all goes as planned we will be picking it up Saturday.

I will be able to fit the boys and their stuff and their strollers and everything in the car AND take passengers!! On more than one occasion Stregga has had to squish in between the two carseats and its was so uncomfortable! But, she is always a good sport about it. Now she will actually have a seat and I can even bring someone else with us, let the fun times roll!!


  1. Just wanted to wish you good luck on selling the house. My sister just did this. Not a lot of fun!

    I also left you an award on my blog!

  2. Good luck! I hope you sell your house quickly! :-) I've been subtly hinting to my husband that we'll need to get a car that can fit more than one carseat, eventually. So I've started looking NOW! LOL