Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Not A Prince

When I tuck the boys in at night I always say "Goodnight Princes."  Well last night, Cenzo said to me, "I'm not a prince, I'm a boy!" I think because I am saying PrincES he thinks I am calling him a PrincESS.  LOL!! 


  1. I'm a mom of g/b twins who are now six(which blows me away). Enjoy your little ones. I always love reading about Moms of multiples. I think we all have a special connection. How are the two's going? Just wait until the threes.


  2. LOL! Princesses! Well at least he doesn't want to be a princess. My 4yo often tells me, "Mommy, I was to be a princess, like you". Although it's sweet. :D