Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pizza Milk

Tonight for dinner we ordered out. I got Chicken Francese with Linguine and Hubby got chicken and pasta with red sauce. We ordered pizza for the boys. We were all set up and ready to eat.

And of course the boys want what I am eating, so I gave them some linguine. They happily slurped it and played with. And then Cenzo saw Hubby's pasta with red sauce and went crazy, "me want that pa-ta!" He begged until Hubby finally relented and shared with him. As Hubby spooned the pasta onto his plate Cenzo counted, "one, two, eleven, fourteen." He quickly ate it and demanded more, and more and more... until he ate just about all of Hubby's dinner.

I offered the boys some of my chicken. Cenzo said, "Sorry Mama, no thanks." And Luccio said flat out, "NO!"

Once Cenzo finished everyone's dinner he went back to his pizza. It wasn't exciting enough for him so he decided to pour his juice onto it and pronounced it "Pizza Milk!"

And then he ate it, UGHHHHHH!!!!

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  1. This made me laugh bright and early on a Monday morning! To cute but I am with you on the ick part.