Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Walk

The boys and I took a walk this afternoon. It was wonderful to be outside in the winter air and sunshine! I have run errands here and there this week, but the kids have mainly been home. Especially Luccio, he hasn't been out since Sunday. So they were so excited!!!

I originally thought I would load them into their wagon like I usually do, but it was frozen into a snow pile, ugh! So instead I had to use the double side by side stroller. Not the best option for a walk in slush and ice, but we did alright. I was a mama on a mission and we were going to get out of our icy wonderland one way or another!

As we walked we made a few stops. First we went to a couple of our neighbors' houses to drop off care packages. The boys and I had packed up meals that included sauce, pasta, garlic bread, salad and meatballs to surprise some neighbors. One went to Mr. M a recent widower who lost his wife. They were a cute elderly couple. Mrs M. knew all the happenings in the neighborhood and kept us informed of all the important things we needed to know as well as the gossip! And when I was in the hospital with the boys she put us on prayer lists at her church. She always sent cards offering her prayers after Luccio's surgeries. So thoughtful. And Mr. M has been known to mow our lawn from time to time with his ride on mower- a great surprise!!

The second package went to a couple across the street. They have been such great neighbors to us. We don't know them well but they always pop up when we need them. One year we were trying to plant a tree and couldn't get a huge rock out of the ground so Terry came over with some tools and dug it out for us. And Liz has shoveled our walkway on more that one occasion when Greg was working during snow storms. And Terry comes over with his snow blower to help Greg pretty often. Last week, I was trying to get the kids out to the car and it was icy and Liz came running across the street and helped me carry the boys to the car!! Now that is awesome!

No one was home so we left our packages on the front steps, the boys didn't care if anyone answered the door, they were yelling "Surprise!" Then we continued on our walk. The boys were overjoyed to be out! They were calling hello to each person we passed. We talked to two elderly gentlemen shoveling snow and ice. And then Luccio was shouting hello to a couple of AT&T salesmen walking the neighborhood. So I had to listen to a whole spiel about a cable service that we already have! Then we stopped by the small restaurant on the corner of our street. The owner was outside shoveling so the boys had to talk to him too!

My favorite moment was when Vincenzo leaned over and hugged Luccio and started singing 
"I love You, You Love Me, We're a Happy Family."  Then he looked up at me and said "Barney sings that."  It was too cute!!!

We finally had to go home because Luccio's blanket got stuck in the stroller wheel. So I had to drag the thing home backwards and pull it up our icy walkway! But, it was so worth it. The fresh air felt great and hopefully helped air out their winter germies. And it tired them out. Luccio was begging to go to bed at 6:45!!!

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