Sunday, January 18, 2009


A couple weeks ago Hubby and I were getting ready to go out to dinner. I had brushed my hair and put a clean shirt and I was wearing my "special occasion" red, high-heeled shoes that Cenzo loves.

When I came into the room, Cenzo said "Beautyal" Mama. I thanked him and fished for more compliments! I asked him, "How does Mama look?" "Beautyal!" he exclaimed. Since then he is noticing things that are "beautyal."

One day I finished dressing the boys and Cenzo declared, "I beautyal!" And he is!!!

Yesterday when Hubby and Papa installed a new faucet in our bathroom, Cenzo proclaimed, "Beautyal!"

And today we watched Sleeping Beauty and Cenzo said, "Princess beautyal!" He kept saying "Hair, hair" and Luccio was yelling, "WOW!!" Somehow of all the "beautyals" this one bothered me. Of course Princess Aurora has that long blond hair, its hard not to notice it. But, I guess I was disappointed that her tiny, singing self with her golden locks warranted "Wow" and the divine title "Beautyal." My sons are supposed to be immune to the thin blond phenomenon. They should balk at it and proclaim that true beauty is short, chubby, dark-haired women. Stereotypical Princesses should not earn their high praises! Should they?

Is it unfair to expect that I would be raising two sons who have the understanding of true beauty? According to the movie we are supposed to think the Princess is beautiful, it is in the title after all. So I should be rejoicing that my little men are genius who are picking up subconscious clues and are able to decipher implied messages.

They are only 2, they have a lifetime to decide what true beauty is (and is NOT.) So I guess I will have to give them their time and space to figure it out for themselves. This slight setback doesn't negate the fact that my boys see "beautyal" people and things everywhere and are uninhibited enough to announce it with pure joy!!! WOW!!

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