Thursday, January 22, 2009


My mother-in-law, aka Grandma, taught preschool for 27 years and now works as an aid in a kindergarten class. We have been very fortunate that Grandma uses her teaching experience to help the boys learn new skills. Each week, usually on Thursdays, Grandma and Papa come for a visit and organize "Activity Time."

"Activity" as it's referred to by the boys, consists of music, a lesson, stickers and a snack. Its like a preschool day shortened to fit into 20 minutes! First Grandma spreads out a quilt which signals the boys to go sit and get ready for their Activity. Then she puts on the song, I Believe Can Fly, to get them in the right mood.

Next comes the lesson. Some weeks its sorting different colored bears, matching picture cards, filling bottles with small objects like pom-poms or bears, playing harmonicas, etc. Each lesson is designed to address fine motor skill growth (an area that boys both need extra help in.)

The boys Physical Therapist is very impressed with how many new skills they have mastered during Activity Time. When PT is here working with the boys she will often have new ideas or suggestions and will say, "maybe this is a skill Grandma can work on this week."

After each lesson, the boys get stickers to proudly display on their shirts! And then comes a special snack of cheese puffs (toddler ones from Gerber.) They think this snack is the BEST!! One week Grandma accidently left her bag here and they got into her snack container and ate every last puff!!!!

Some weeks I am home when Grandma and Papa are here and some weeks I go out. Either way Grandma and Papa bring dinner and do the bath and bedtime routine. It's wonderful!! Its a break for me either way and on the nights I go out the boys love being with their grandparents.

A few months ago the boy would scream and cry when I would leave and I would feel a knot in my stomach as I drove away. Now, when they see Grandma take the quilt out, they say "Bye Mama, Bye" without even giving me a glance (even if I am staying home, LOL!) So, do I feel bad that they can't wait to get rid of me? NO!! I grab my purse and shoes and run for the door!!!

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