Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcoming Change

I was so proud today of my country, of Barack H. Obama and of my sons. Watching the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States with my two year old sons is an experience I will never forget!

We turned the on TV around 10 am to see the pre-ceremony stuff. Surprisingly neither boy balked at the switch from Mickey's Clubhouse to the White House! There was an air of excitement as my mom, the boys and I tuned in to witness history be made!

The boys were looking for Obama in the crowds. They were impressed with all the people standing together waving flags! They started to get antsy and play with toys and drag out their books at one point. But, when they saw Obama walk out to his car, their attention was captured. They were pointing to him and yelling "Hi, Obamba!" "Hi."

We watched the ceremonious car ride to the Capitol with great interest. Luccio was especially impressed and kept telling us "Car!" "Car!"

Their attention was in and out during the seating of all the official people. Once in a while they would hear music or the horns playing and announce "trumpet." However, by that point they were looking for lunch and playing their electric guitars so we couldn't hear much!

When Barack Obama stepped out onto the stairs all attention was on him and my boys were no exception. They knew something special was happening, they knew Obama was someone special.

I kept thinking the whole time how sad it is that Obama's family couldn't be alive to see this day. Why couldn't his grandmother have lived just 2 more months so she could have been there to rejoice at the fact that the little boy she helped raise made it all the way to the Presidency!

Cenzo was impressed with the music playing right before Obama took his Oath. He identified the violin and cello, shocking my mother!

And after the oath we cheered with the crowds and waved our imaginary flags!!
When Aretha Franklin sang "My Country Tis' of Thee," we stood with our hands over our hearts and sang along with her. We have been practicing, but our rendition isn't quite like Aretha's, but just as heartwarming!

To watch my little boys with their hands over their hearts and their eyes on the man who has brought change to America, brought me to tears!! To know that my sons will never have to know the kind of racism that has existed since the birth of our country makes me feel relieved and proud and inspired all at once. The racism that has held people back from reaching their fullest potential will no longer be relevant. We will hear about it, people will talk about racism, even make racist comments, but to my sons' generation those will just be stories that people tell. They will know the truth that ALL men ARE created equal. That people of all races can work together to build a better life. That President Obama brought hope to America.

Today the world watched as the United States once again earned the dignity necessary to be a leading Super Power. My sons can walk with their heads high believing that the American Dream not only exists, but can come true. Hard work, determination and compassion are powerful! I pray that they not only see it, but live it for themselves!

After the Inauguration, I asked the boys, "Who is the President?" Cenzo replied "Obamba!" And Luccio exclaimed "Me!" Maybe someday Little Lucc. Barack Obama paved the way and opened doors. Maybe one day Luccio will be the first Italian American President!! Yes, You Can!!

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