Monday, January 26, 2009

The 8th Day

The last time I went to get my haircut, my hairdresser Lynn and I were talking about how overwhelming it can be to try to fit everything into one week.  We were saying how great an 8th day would be.  I was thinking of all the things I could get done on that extra day.  But, Lynn had a fantastic idea.  She said the 8th day should be your sleeping day.  You could choose where in the week to have your day and you could sleep the whole day.  And other people would be understanding when you turned down their requests to do things or work because you would just say, "Oh, that's my sleeping day."  

Yes!! I love that idea!! How cool would that be?  I guess God had something similar in mind when he created the 7th day and called it the day of rest.  Too bad us humans screwed that idea up!! We added more to our to do lists and use Sunday to get it all done.  Its almost like "Leftover Day" where undone tasks from the week get placed!

Lately I have been trying to take back that day of rest, for me it is usually Saturdays.  Hubby is home and gets up with the boys and does the whole breakfast routine, which is great!! This Saturday I slept until 9;30 and the rest of the day we all relaxed and hung around.  The boys stayed in pajamas all day.  Greg and I alternated between playing with the kids and Facebooking, LOL!  We got caught up on all our DVR shows.  It was glorious!! A day with no plans is fantastic to me!

 Lately I feel like my energy has been zapped.  So that extra rest on the weekends goes a long way! I have also been trying to incorporate that mentally of rejuvenation into the weekdays.  I dug out my old guided imagery music and Hubby put it onto CD for me so I can get back to meditating.  It is relaxing and uplifting all at the same time! I love it.  So today I am going to fit in 20 mins. for that.  Or at least that is the plan, we will see how it goes!

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  1. We instituted a "day off" when our twins were itty bitty. One night a week, each of us could basically ditch after dinner to do whatever we wanted...a movie, visiting w/friends, reading a book at the bookstore...whatever we wanted.

    Unfortunately, we've gotten away from that a bit, but you reminded me why I think it was such a good idea... :)