Saturday, January 10, 2009

Partying with Pals

I am very fortunate to have a group of good friends from my college days that I have stayed close with. We have become family to one another. And over the years our group has multiplied first when we started getting married and again as we have begun having children. There are 8 couples in our "core group" and among us we have 14 children and 2 more are on the way!
It amazing!! My children have so many "Aunties," "Uncles" and little friends!

Today we went to Auntie B and Uncle P's house to celebrate the 2nd birthday of their youngest daughter. It was a blast with all the little ones running around. One of our friends joked about how different our parties have become. We used live in dorms together and go to keg parties and now we have grape juice and pin the nose on Elmo!! And of course there were potty breaks now that Cenzo is in training so we had to lug our portable seat with us! It is amazing what I can fit into my pocketbook! Life sure has changed!

Its so much fun watching the kids interact and form friendships with one another. And my Sweetest Hubby and I couldn't believe how much easier it has gotten to take our boys out now that they are walking and talking and understanding so much!! Its a whole new world for us now that the boys are into toddlerhood. They played games and shared toys and sat at the kids table for pizza and cake. I was actually able to socialize and even drink a cup of coffee!! Now THAT is a milestone!

And the best part is that Hubby and I have our extended "family" to share in the joys and challenges of raising children. We wish Little L the best for her birthday and hope she has an amazing year!

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